Italian Sonnet Slams Here

Someone I have come to admire recently reminded me of a lost love of mine:  poetry.   And as such, I thought about my late night chants of liberal ideals and loves lost amidst a haze of smoke in some dive in front of a microphone. But enough about me…

You, too, can forge your own poetry experiences right here.

Interested in succinctly expressing your thoughts in a structured way?  Want to convey your idea completely in just fourteen lines?

Simply end each line so you finish with rhymed syllables or words ABBA ABBA CDE CDE.


“A Game of Chess” Gwen Harwood

To John Brodie

Nightfall: the town’s chromatic nocturne wakes
dark brilliance on the river; colours drift
and tremble as enormous shadows lift
Orion to his place. The heart remakes
that peace torn in the blaze of day. Inside
your room are music, warmth and wine, the board
with chessmen set for play. The harpsichord
begins a fugue; delight is multiplied.A game: the heart’s impossible ideal –
to choose among a host of paths, and know
that if the kingdom crumbles one can yield
and have the choice again. Abstract and real
joined in their trance of thought, two players show
the calm of gods above a troubled field.

Your slam begins… NOW!

87 thoughts on “Italian Sonnet Slams Here”

  1. Sipping Cocoa Over Candlelight


  2. “Somewhere”
    Beyond a mirrored ocean of deep blue
    Skies, reflects my beloved’s vibrant hue
    Of confident, chocolate eyes and empowered, raven hair.
    She dares…
    To embolden me to breathe life anew,
    And lay waste these chains I’m circumscribed – to skew
    My enduring wayward thoughts and fears.

    These newborn steps I take
    Are unbalanced, scant, fragile.
    Yet, as ancient as the east is to the west,
    Amongst a path I must continue for my own sake.
    I shall heed her exquisite counsel
    And discover that somewhere… deep within myself that’s best.

  3. “A New Milestone”

    Psalmists extol God’s love and grace
    And point to a world beyond measure.
    Gospels praise items of treasure,
    To look upon our Savior‘s face –
    At a unlikely place –
    Of gifted gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
    But all the while, within the minds of men, stir
    The knowledge of our thoughts and deeds off base.
    Though our nature is to sin –
    To miss the mark that only He has met.
    But if we chose Him with a contrite heart
    And honestly take steps to shed our depraved skin…
    He offers us to partake – delight, for His table is set.
    And a steadfast rock of love milestones our new life’s chart.

  4. “The Stage Was Set”

    The High Priest: Annas [Enter stage right]
    The High Priest: Caiaphas
    The Betrayer: Iscariot, Judas
    The Armed Servant: Malchus [Healed after a fight]
    The Prefect: Pilate, Pontius [Will later deliver legal smite]
    The Tetrarch: Herod Antipas
    The Criminal: Barabbas
    The Emperor: Tiberius [Upon whose worldly kingdom we cite]

    Could this imperfect troupe hardly fathom…
    The enormity of their performance in this universal tragedy?
    Unwitting actors of privilege, power, charisma, and greed certified a perfect sacrifice.
    The execution of our Lord by a method so gruesome
    Only transformed this tragedy into something quite to the contrary: the absolute beauty
    Of absorbing all of our sinful melodramas, such that we might achieve paradise.

  5. “Learning to Dance”

    Your silhouette
    Beckons my desire to dance –
    Not that I have much chance,
    To flatteringly master this minuet.
    And alas, my feet are often heavyset.
    As my body becomes awkward, askance,
    I am quite unlikely to advance
    To properly set your pirouette.

    But what did you expect from a klutz like me?
    A dancer? Perhaps not.
    A comic? Hopeful.
    A poet? Possibly… let’s see –
    For that’s a passion I have often sought.
    But then again, that’s nonsense. Ha! Imagine me: Artful!

  6. “Restorative Peace”

    You restored hope
    When little could be found…
    And I uttered not a sound…
    And wholly unable to cope.
    You remained supportive, as I slid down that slope…
    And helped me rebound,
    When I was fogbound,
    And prisoner to my mind’s kaleidoscope.
    You restored peace:
    Of mind…
    Of body…
    And soul – and upon life a new lease,
    I’ve signed…
    And offer myself as a vessel for Thee.

  7. “Serving Splendor”

    How do you love the Lord?
    Can you count the ways?
    By reciting the number of time one prays?
    Or standing upon a righteous pier, where one’s ship is moored?
    Or does thou run with the good-deeds horde,
    And give one another high marks and praise
    For things you can do in church, or money you raise –
    Does this strike a chord?

    Acts of good (or bad), in itself, do not win favor.
    Rather, spread the Gospel – for you have something to tell!
    Share those stories upon which you’re continually blessed.
    So when asked how you can best serve our Savior?
    Simple: become a contrite, beacon to drink from The Well.
    And let our Lord do the rest.

  8. “An Espresso Awakening”

    Increasingly awakening to an hazy, cloudy,
    Befuddled, familiar sensation of lack!
    And upon my eyes, I peel off the shellac…
    Need to think clearly!
    Expand my psyche …
    As arteries seek consumption of a caffeinated plaque!
    This toxin is worse than any ivy or sumac …
    A triple espresso – Make it Ristretto!
    What… a foamy latte? You’ve got to be kidding…
    Seriously, that’s the best you’ve got?
    Fine, hurry… I’m feeling vertigo.
    I’ll take it, but quit stalling…
    Ah, that hits the spot.

  9. “Spanish Heart”

    A liberated minded Andalusian –
    Nearly six hundred kilograms of might – espouses
    A newfound admiration for Spanish horses.
    She rambles instinctively amidst the Iberian…
    Engendering feelings one can describe only as Jungian.
    Upon my lips, affectionate kisses –
    A sublime bouquet of Mediterranean spices…
    Rider and beast dance as one: the dressage equestrian.
    She is my muse, my guide,
    This Spanish corazón fulfills –
    A shared passion – beyond lovers – deepens –
    My desires… Oh how I yearn to ride.
    But alas, chivalry weakens…
    As I embattle La Manchan windmills.

  10. “Devoted Siblings and Friends”

    Thorns in my side
    Disliked at one time
    Partners in crime
    We now are allied
    In each I confide
    Shared life’s muck and its grime
    Protective rocks that support as I climb
    We are happily tied…
    Through bonds stronger than blood.
    I thank each of you
    For your steadfast belief in me.
    And through eyes that now flood…
    I confidently say, “I love you.” Whether you knew
    It or not, you’ve helped me see.

  11. “Carnival”

    An eccentric enduring festivity appealing
    To so many. It’s exciting –
    And variegated – a virtual colorful
    Dance of delightfulness… eternal.
    And for many considered churchgoing,
    Signals onset of spiritual dieting…
    And often physical.
    Be careful should you join this masquerade
    And its pageantry.
    It may all be gone in a flash.
    For once this escapade
    Is over, so biblically
    Starts Ash.

  12. “Muse in Training”

    Magic muse, so distant, afar,
    Come this way, take flight…
    And see how your acolyte
    Has grown his repertoire.
    As harmonious refrains emanate from your sitar,
    Teach me your beloved ways… oh master, oh sprite,
    In hopes this poetry may one day ignite
    The candle of another’s soul – insofar
    As these rhymes might later be used for inspiration.
    As earthly beings go about their business
    And heavenly angels rejoice –
    Crooning in exultation –
    Your exquisiteness leaves me speechless –
    And so, I erratically stutter as I rediscover my voice.

  13. “Tempestuous Seas”

    Thoughtlessly lost and undevout
    Adrift amidst sinful seas.
    Optimistic skies recede to gale-forced pleas
    Dinghy aimlessly tossed about –
    Rudderless – sharks encircle to scout
    For an opportunistic meal to easily seize.
    When things looked grim, and I was prostrate on my knees,
    I was uplifted by Your waterspout.
    Why you saved me? I know not –
    Certainly was undeserved on my part!
    But Your grace is beyond mortal comprehension.
    And You selflessly restored me upon a mighty yacht –
    Refreshed, renewed, and with a penitent heart –
    Carefully protected against Satan’s self-rebukes and castigation.

  14. “A Capital Investment”

    Money exchangers take note: Holy smoke…
    Originates from a different fire – whose Passionate aim
    Transfigures a more refined flame.
    As Humanity’s embers are stoke…
    Eyes widen among the spiritually broke.
    His return was not to stake mortal claim
    As He miraculously healed the infirmed and the lame.
    Yet, He overcame, to rescue all nations’ folk…
    From our own errant ways.
    And became, The Most Holy replacement –
    Ransomed upon the Cross, He won our freedom.
    Although a scale for precious metals weighs
    This to be a most unwise investment,
    It was vital – else, none could share in His Kingdom.

  15. “Maid of Aragon”

    An adept mind
    With a soft heart…
    Is quite smart
    And very kind –
    A special find!
    Skillful art
    Makes for a transformational start
    [To which I’ve lovingly pined].
    This chessboard queen
    Anticipates my every move.
    Surprise… surprise
    Aragon’s opponent’s forces become remarkably lean.
    And there is nothing left to prove…
    When she is certainly capable and wise.

  16. “Flu-like Symptoms”

    I awoke this morning with not even a rhyme…
    Exhausted, fatigued, and beyond capacity of fluent thought.
    Empty, void, useless. So I heated the teapot
    In hopes its whistle would radically shift me out of today’s paradigm.
    But alas, I fail to report any measureable success – in fact, I’m
    Unlikely at all to inhibit this weary juggernaut
    Of confusion – so don’t ask me to interpret any Rorschach inkblot –
    Now, quite simply, is the wrong date and time.
    To say my day started poorly
    Is significantly understated –
    Might as well forgo work and take a siesta…
    For all physical exertion seems weakly,
    And mental concentration feels muted and amputated.
    So sadly, I must send regrets to tonight’s fiesta.

  17. “A Question on Fairness”

    When someone is hungry
    And asks for your help, do you show charity?
    Or does this invoke enmity…
    And make you angry?
    Though many agree,
    Each dislikes poverty…
    Reactions are mixed when it infringes our liberty –
    To an unsettling degree!
    Has the Golden Rule become so obscured
    To a distorted, puritanical work ethic?
    As someone seeks to fill his or her own belly,
    Tell me, where is the rancor towards how wealth is procured?
    If each adopts this restricted logic,
    Rest assured, Someone keeps tally.

  18. “Dichotomy”

    A two cities’ tale –
    Opening struggles well versed –
    Proclaims a human dichotomy, in which we all are emersed.
    If words go unheeded, each is likely to fail.
    Though it might seem just to rail
    Against repressive forces, when times are at their worst,
    Might we have done so, had the roles been reversed?
    Empathy towards others is how each will prevail.
    As ages and seasons change, and something
    Has challenged epoch beliefs to be stirred,
    “Do unto others…” – for so much is at stake.
    What lies before us is everything and nothing.
    Two directions are offered.
    So which path will you take?

  19. “A Chorus of Dogs”

    As a dogmatic chorale,
    In high octaves, scream
    For a need to change a regime –
    And rouse domestic morale –
    Upon an ostensibly tenuous rationale,
    This nationalistic meme
    Vestiges an archaic theme:
    Get rid of your despot we shall…
    These dogs of war
    Won’t allow you to disagree,
    Nor permit coverage of open discourse,
    While wagging a technologically superior reservoir,
    To feed their own pedigree…
    As they seek to control a most valuable resource.

  20. “A Weekend To-Do List”

    o Sip coffee at dawn
    o Express affection to a lovely lady
    o Feed and clean after the filly
    o Trim the hedges and mow the lawn
    o Reimburse grocer for check overdrawn
    o Grab a sandwich at the deli
    o Drink more coffee
    o Develop king’s bishop by taking opponent’s queen’s pawn
    o Retreat said bishop once last move proved fruitless
    o Play fetch with a dog
    o Ride a bicycle or go for a walk
    o Donate superfluous shoes to someone who is bootless
    o Overcome writer’s block and move past the prologue
    o Do it now! For there is less time on the clock

  21. “A Bucket List”

    o Serve the Lord atop all conceivable vocations
    o Be penitent and contrite for actions debased
    o Make amends to my utmost ability, posthaste
    o Restore wounded and lost, meaningful relations
    o Give unto others, devoid selfish ovations
    o Openly receive love others have encased
    o Give thanks and praise for my sins are erased
    o Be in concordance with all Lord’s creations
    o Remain steadfast as flint to what is our central quest
    o Gather any enduring regrets and release
    o Prepare final arrangements with the undertaker
    o Take solace that I have performed my best
    o Make ready my heart, be at peace
    o Breathe my last breath and meet my Maker

  22. “A Windy Day”

    How you entered this heart, I cannot explain.
    Yet now that you did, I am hardly chagrined.
    Your unforeseen and startling crosswind…
    Prevailed – and rotated this rusted, weather vane.
    Unable to restrain…
    This thick-skinned,
    And most disciplined,
    Fool, feel for this lady from Spain –
    Okay, so you may have hailed from some other coast…
    That much is true, and that you are not really from there.
    Still, we can pretend while in this rhyming endeavor –
    Because, in the end what matters most,
    Is a once powerful and rare
    Blast of air changed me forever.

  23. “A Strange Affliction”
    Butterflies in one’s stomach
    Is a strange affliction.
    A tenderly sublime constriction
    One encounters when becoming love-struck …
    As we dance across time immemorial, epoch
    Love stories chronicle a few who’ve succumbed to addiction.
    Though its actual duration is a speculative prediction,
    Beware of these tell-tale signs: did you fail to duck
    When Cupid released his arrow?
    Is your mind incessantly in a wonderland?
    Tummy… still tide-up in knots?
    Think you are now some suave caballero?
    Oh, you have it bad! Time for you to understand,
    This condition is more pervasive than I previously thought.

  24. “Come As You Are”

    Enduring, classic rock and roll
    Lives on through the internet and radio.
    Momentous in pleasant-sounding audio…
    Developed on the shoulders of gospel and soul –
    Once thought as a musical rigmarole,
    I can’t get enough on my stereo…
    And my LP’s won’t hide in some forgotten curio –
    As musical new genres just leaves an empty hole…
    In my heart.
    For rock and roll encourages all
    To challenge convention and come as you are.
    While careers may rise and fall upon some popular chart,
    Just relax, sing along, and upon youthful times, recall…
    As a band’s lead diva plugs in her guitar.

  25. “A Valued Connection”

    Being totally captivated,
    I lose my bearing –
    Senses impairing –
    And it hasn’t negated.
    Outlook seems rightly elevated,
    As we’re both sharing…
    How great is our pairing? –
    Leaving us further invigorated.
    As we carry on being attentive
    To each other’s needs and desires,
    I’m encouraged we will continue
    Living, giving, seeing… in demonstrative
    Ways – and wish it never expires –
    For your company I respect and value.

  26. “The Poesy Mill”

    Start your rhymes now
    By releasing your mind’s fluff and its frill.
    And simply… be still…
    And allow
    Inspiration to come – and somehow,
    Invariably, it always will –
    For this is the marvel of the poesy mill.
    Once verse gets refined, affectionately endow
    This knowledge onto others…
    To also encourage their voice.
    For being true to thine-self,
    Means also sharing with fellow sisters and brothers,
    So together, we can all rejoice
    In the creation of art itself.

  27. “Oh, Night Divine!”

    Oh, Night Divine!
    As Your grateful ward,
    I look eastwardly toward
    Your revelation of exquisite design…
    As You summon the approaching sunshine –
    For You, alone, have that power, oh, Lord –
    By means of the life blood You lovingly poured.
    As You illuminate the coastline,
    I am humbled by Your grandeur,
    Splendor, and majesty…
    And despite my wrongdoings, You still perceive worth,
    And steadfastly, hold me secure –
    For I am made anew through Your covenant of amnesty
    To all us sinners – who’ve put their faith in You – upon the earth.

  28. “Football Played With An Actual Foot”

    Why must a leather sphere with a caring, hand-stitch…
    Within my nation elicit so much contention –
    For the rest of the world has given football its rightful attention?
    A sport, above all sports, elevated to an, unique niche…
    And most of the world’s populous has succumbed to its itch!
    With a rectangular pitch of varying dimension –
    My homeland expresses mostly reprehension,
    And prefers to behave like a ridiculous ostrich.
    Football played with an actual foot… imagine that!
    But since it contrasts with a lesser known sport of the same name,
    My birthplace would rather diminutively call it soccer –
    All the while letting teams romp around with prolated balls, half-flat.
    This is true football – despite what some pundits might claim –
    Deford, who might become the next, high-profile mocker?

  29. “Loving Hands”

    Great is a morning,
    When I awake and think of you –
    And set my coffee onto robust brew.
    By the time I’ve arrived to midmorning,
    I find myself already, hastily adorning
    Office supplies of varying contours and hue –
    Like some three-dimensional sonnet or haiku –
    For you are most alluring and suborning.
    Your loving hands have begun to cultivate –
    Ploughed with watchful care –
    This garden of creativeness.
    As devoted advocate, you tenderly motivate
    My roots to grow. For the fruit I now bear
    Seems void of the tare – allowing for greater expressiveness.

  30. “Two Beggars”

    Here’s a story of a couple of sinners:
    One tells the other where to find bread –
    For his pal is famished and underfed…
    But to cease from becoming more decrepit and thinner,
    The nourishment he requires is a banquet dinner
    Of a different kind – acceptance that Another bled…
    For us! Once revitalized, we need no longer dread,
    For our iniquities have been cleansed. Though just a beginner
    In His faith, you’ve already received your first job:
    Go forth and share with others what you’ve received –
    Be the friend to another, whom your buddy was to you.
    You have all you need – for the slightest splotch or daub
    Of His Spirit is more than sufficient for those who first believed.
    Nothing extraordinary… just proclaim what you know to be true.

  31. “A Collaborative Arrangement”

    What is it like to write a song?
    I have no talent for musical composition,
    But may have a knack for lyrical cognition.
    Though previous, tuneful attempts proved woefully wrong,
    [At singing, my vocals would piteously prolong
    Well after measures had ended – an unauthorized addition…
    And once played a saxophone, but its squeaks were in opposition
    To the score – so symphonic band, I did not belong.]
    I might prove helpful lending verse to melody.
    Now before you set off the alarm,
    And send me on my way,
    A collaborative arrangement might stir rhapsody –
    For I am happy to say, “third time’s the charm…”
    And delight in pleasant-sounding wordplay.

  32. “Identities And Rhythms”

    As His treasured children, we are members in a loving family.
    We are all disciples, apprentices, learners… and advocates
    That He is the path to true salvation. For each communicates
    How He came to serve and gave His life as a ransom for many – selflessly.
    In Him, we are good news to the world, so be ambassadors of this homily.
    Irrespective of our performance, each identity above indicates
    Who we are in Christ – no matter what. So as such, each educates
    Lost sisters and brothers, and the diaspora moves on – inspired Divinely –
    Therefore, we seek to live in a posture of listening, plus
    We consistently and purposefully eat together. Also,
    We regularly, happily, guiltlessly rest…
    And we celebrate God and each other and allow them to celebrate us.
    God blesses us and we bless others, which becomes the intermezzo
    For processing all of life through His reconciliation of the world to himself – our faith’s true zest!

  33. “The Thurber Mingus”

    To be crowned Thurber Mingus, takes ingenuity,
    Cunning, and an excessive amount of persistence…
    Not on behalf of oneself, rather, your antagonist’s skillful resistance.
    This adolescent moniker derives from a game of originality,
    But its meaning no longer carries the same gullibility.
    As an affectionate sobriquet of dogged insistence…
    And until this moment, previously, no one else knew its existence.
    This unique, nickname of blasé tenacity.
    So what is this surreptitious tongue-twister?
    Oh, I would like to reveal, yet cannot say…
    Because invariably, that heavy onus
    Belongs to another… so go ask my younger sister.
    Though being out of practice, she might just give it away…
    For that is the cost of receiving the title of Thurber Mingus.

  34. “An Affectionate Display”

    I’m enthralled by you,
    As you most likely know.
    But still, I long to let words show…
    For that’s just what I do.
    In one’s lifetime relatively few
    People actually experience this bliss. Oh,
    The joy, the pleasure, the glow…
    I feel when such love is true.
    We encountered one another later in life –
    Each having recently journeyed through a weakening relationship…
    That forged our hearts for a receptive future.
    Through that toil and strife,
    It prepared us to develop this loving partnership –
    An affectionate alliance I intend to nurture.

  35. “A Sonnet A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”

    A sonnet a day for a month or year
    Takes dedication and devotion,
    An adoring intention… packed full of emotion,
    And a mind that’s clear.
    Yet, these lines also serve as a therapeutic elixir,
    A self-prescribed potion…
    To help thwart off demotion
    Towards that period of life full of loss and despair – my nadir.
    For its tonic effects almost seem purgative…
    Unfreezing, softening, freeing…
    To release that which I’ve kept locked up inside.
    And return to a place well beyond just restorative.
    A new phase has arrived to embrace my central being,
    And become what friends have long prophesied.

  36. “A Case For Order And Discipline”

    Dissension among the ranks
    Must undergo swift excisions.
    Otherwise, any distractions, indecisions,
    Or internal strife aides the enemy – so treat not as games or pranks,
    And beware of outflanks…
    Else, forces get overwhelmed – precisely what the evil one envisions:
    To take advantage of our own avertable derisions.
    So when forces remain disciplined, give thanks.
    A band of brothers and sisters, well-oiled
    Is an effective family that stays on mission…
    For consequences are dire – and may rest off one mistake.
    So in our trespasses let’s not get ensnared or embroiled,
    And to our Leader remain in ordered submission,
    For so much is at stake.

  37. “Idyllic Sunday”

    My idyllic Sunday
    Is not about watching sports
    Or shopping for the latest imports
    For I need to calm my senses to be okay
    And regularly… give pause… and say, “Hooray,
    To the Lord” – for His gospel purports
    The most distinctive of all passports –
    A transformational promise to be fulfilled someday…
    Beyond your wildest reverie
    Resides an indispensable tranquility
    Where we all can be at rest –
    At a location most exemplary –
    A Heavenly expression of humility
    For every day is idyllic Sunday, when you’re His guest.

  38. “No Walk In The Park”

    When in despair and things look dark
    Open your heart and receive His light
    For in Him, He will reconcile all things right…
    As our most illuminative Patriarch.
    Though choosing Him may be in contrast, stark,
    If you’re unfamiliar with being around truth so bright…
    As we’re surely called out on our spiritual blight –
    For following our Lord is no walk in the park.
    To drop your nets, and follow Him
    Is undeniably no easy mission…
    Though once you do, its yoke seems releasing and uplifting
    For as we daily challenge sin in our lives, things become less grim.
    So toss your hat into the ring and join the great commission –
    Because, others too, need help from drifting.

  39. “The Smorgasbord Blues”

    Aromatic, vegetarian vegetable soup,
    General Tso’s tofu, and Greek yogurt all seem an unlikely connection…
    But the Yuba rolls and endive gratin certainly tightens my midsection.
    And lest not forget the bread pudding – with whiskey sauce recouped…
    And gently placed aside for later, exquisite gelato – one scoop.
    While eating asparagus, also grilled to perfection,
    A catching glimpse of the pomegranate tagine gives me pause for reflection:
    Have I become a gluttonous, unwitting dupe?
    For all are plentiful portions (with more in reserve),
    And the variety of foods is over abundantly thriving,
    With fresh ingredients shipped across the world – unleashed –
    And if ample resources exist to produce, deliver, prepare, and serve,
    Why then, should there be any excuse for those starving…
    Just beyond this banquet feast?

  40. “Advertisement For The Haves”

    Custom-built home near premiere, golf course and charming, lakeside terraces…
    Overlooks artisan center, figure-skating rink, and equestrians at play.
    Private access to your sail or motorboat, by riparian walkway.
    Quiet, gated community for graduate-level professionals or heiresses.
    Active, homeowners’ association that prosecutes all who trespasses.
    Award-winning, private schools on-site from 12th grade down to Pre-K.
    Sounds great, eh? But what this advertisement seems to evasively say,
    Is that “your type” might be in direct conflict with their prejudices.
    How many folks do you know who can pay cash for all these luxuries?
    Sounds like something many of us might want, right?
    But the stark realities of wealth distribution throughout the world makes me sadder.
    And unless you’ve hit it big at one of the state or national lotteries,
    Or amongst the rare exceptions who made it, reason remains for these words I write…
    So how do you assist or impede others climbing the social ladder?

  41. “Economic Development”

    Innovation is the name of the game
    Best to always improve or get out,
    For there’s no room for hesitation or doubt,
    Else, merchants lose profits when things stay the same
    As they say, “Don’t take it personally. It’s a fiscal aim…”
    For product conventions seem akin to a multi-fisted, fighters’ bout
    So all can flaunt, display, and tout
    Their newest creations in hopes of monetary fame.
    Though it is hard not to take it personally,
    When corporate margins weaken scrupulous morals
    And ship production elsewhere to employees who are poorly paid,
    Overworked, and in hazardous conditions. When businesses unguiltily
    Fortify sought-after shares, and avoid boardroom quarrels,
    Free enterprise becomes a bogus excuse for an immoral escapade.

  42. “Lakeside Campers”

    As I delight in the sun cresting,
    Cup of freshly, brewed coffee in hand,
    I gaze beyond the waters’ edge to a craggy, outcropping of land,
    As new hatchlings are overheard amidst their nesting…
    And enjoyment of this moment is worth attesting,
    I seek stillness and appreciate this sight – which is quite grand.
    As the sun begins to set, and this unplanned,
    Lazy, spring day of resting…
    Is about to come to an end,
    I feel rejuvenated and renourished.
    But also, I sense a bit of recurring ambivalence.
    For I am compelled to reminisce of a long, lost friend –
    Who upon this ephemeral experience would have most cherished –
    Yet, still at peace, as He reveals His gracious benevolence.

  43. “Belligerent Crows”

    Cross and annoyed blackbird,
    Pugnacious and aggressive,
    Argumentative and combative,
    Scourged and belabored,
    Aroused and remembered,
    Contemptuous and derisive,
    Sore and ulcerative,
    Corrosive and unsobered.
    Although their behavior is often despised
    For strewning trash, and as annoying squelchers,
    These birds are exceedingly quite clever…
    And in fact, revered and idolized
    In a number of indigenous cultures –
    For they successfully pulled your vexed lever!

  44. “Living Without Him”

    Living without Him
    Would now seem empty and desolate…
    Because for all things, He has become my Pilot –
    And copilots, the seraphim.
    I would give life or limb,
    Since my baptism within his rivulet…
    For He ransomed His perfect and immaculate
    Self and washed away my sins – as angels intoned their hymn.
    I never believed I could know happiness again.
    And certainly, not to this extent…
    Beyond any feeling I’ve ever known.
    And I want to walk daily and turn away from sin,
    And live beneath his caring and protective tent,
    And submit to Him as my Divine Chaperon.

  45. “Insincere Pleasantries”

    Why do we behave with such puerility,
    When we should illustrate maturity and be less callow?
    For many encounter others seemingly partial… pseudo,
    And hardly treat one another with any modicum of civility,
    Or even a slight, predictable amiability…
    Rather, we go around being frazzled, empty, and shallow.
    And even the friendliest of gestures seem insincere and hollow.
    Though foolish, aloof pleasantry, leaves enough navigability…
    So to others, passes as somewhat, palatable.
    Yet, the sarcastic politeness still lingers,
    And we are caught in this disingenuous progression,
    And too self- absorbed to admit we’re actually fallible,
    And when that doesn’t work out, we’ll point our fingers,
    Or express fearful thoughts through terrible regression.

  46. “His Love”

    His love is marvelous,
    Given generously,
    And is limitlessly…
    Abundant – and profusely, ridiculous.
    He is our caring Chrysalis,
    Transformational Reconciler, mysteriously
    Beautiful, rapturously
    Compassionate, and absolutely miraculous.
    His affection is incalculable.
    Though nothing perceptively compares,
    His reward is quite glorious…
    When sinning nature is atoneable.
    Want to enter His Kingdom as coheirs?
    Follow Him… and avoid all things perilous.

  47. “Hello Father”

    Ciao, Father dear…
    When I gave my life to You,
    Upon me closer to You I drew.
    You peel off our wayward veneer…
    Revealing various things to which we all so adhere –
    By a most, wicked, strength glue.
    Where once ego ruled, we’ve changed our view…
    To serve within Your missional frontier.
    We give thanks and praise
    For freely undertaking Your costly role.
    Yet, Your sacrifice gave us new life, a new start,
    And even authorizes these words I now say…
    You are beautiful and have redeemed my soul,
    And I love you from the depths of my heart.

  48. “Full Of Goodness”

    Full of goodness
    He came to save,
    And His life He freely gave.
    For He was blameless
    And completely faultless,
    And to all He lovingly forgave.
    Then conquered the grave…
    To offer Himself and all eternalness
    How He does this is a mystery.
    Gracefulness is His beckoning call.
    When we are authentic and faithful,
    His beauty rewrites our history.
    “The Lord’s Prayer,” says it all.
    For which I’m grateful…

  49. “Sleepy Time Is Upon Me”

    Feeling exhausted
    Yet, driven to write…
    Before dawn’s vibrant light.
    Still, I feel subjected,
    Disjointed, and refracted,
    And perhaps, it’s just not in the cards tonight –
    But foolhardiness prevails, despite
    Feeling tired and dejected.
    My wise and thoughtful sage
    Thinks this is a superstitious sign…
    And a ridiculous leap,
    To modestly write words on a page.
    Yet with completion of each line,
    I am one step closer to sleep.

  50. “The Pedantic Romantic”

    Bright glows,
    Chocolate face,
    Special place,
    Gift-wrapped bows,
    Blossoming rose,
    Crystal vase,
    Vocal Bass,
    Cadenced prose.
    Words of advice to the helpless romantic:
    These are remarkable every so often, but is quite wrong,
    When used too often – and reason why it may well flop.
    Be less dry, cliché, or so pedantic.
    Just be yourself, if you want this to last long.

  51. “Somewhere, Briefly Revisited”

    Deep blue,
    Vibrant hue,
    Raven hair.
    She dares…
    Breathes anew,
    And skew
    My fears.
    Steps I take…
    Scant, fragile.
    Go west,
    For my own sake.
    Heed her counsel
    And discover what’s best.

  52. “Blaming The Messenger”

    Once you receive a computer error,
    And hadn’t yet backed up your file,
    Within your mind you’ll rile
    With dislike. For such problems strike terror…
    And transform a quiet person into a swearer
    Of loudly uttered expletives – most vile.
    All the while…
    Wishing life might be somewhat fairer.
    But really, whose fault is it anyway?
    To get upset at our own negligence
    Or to take it out on others, simply masks
    A bigger problem. For such choices are made everyday.
    And it takes our due diligence
    To be mindful in each of our own tasks.

  53. “Unburden Yourself”

    Refined and straight-laced?
    Clear off your plate,
    And release all your hate.
    Then, savor His taste.
    For within Him, we’re based…
    So unburden your weight.
    His return is worth the wait.
    For His presence graced
    You, me, and all humanity,
    To lighten our load, so we can travel farther.
    For in life and death,
    He displayed fidelity
    To our Father.
    As I pray to as well, until my very, last breath.

  54. “Come to the Source”

    Come to the Source.
    Drink from the Well.
    For in the house of our Lord we dwell,
    And proclaim with steadfast force.
    His path is surely uneven and coarse,
    Yet, He has sent us out to tell
    Our many stories of His grace that swell
    Within – so be encouraged to stay the course.
    He is the Narrator.
    Also, the main Protagonist.
    Our stories are but a subplot to Thee’s.
    He commissions us to be more than a mere spectator.
    He asks us to be His accompanist…
    And spread His Good News to all nationalities.

  55. “A Text Unlike Any Other”

    The Bible is a collection of books, most inspirational.
    Scribed by men, yet enthused by God.
    And at first glance, rather plain, ordinary, and somewhat odd
    That its content conveys a message, most controversial:
    His sacrifice being so transformational.
    Cynics and naysayers claim it is utter fraud.
    Even I was initially unconvinced, but something gnawed
    Within to take another look. For its message is immemorial.
    Placing one’s trust in anything, to say the least, is difficult.
    So for people to do so upon a story most miraculous,
    It’s easy to understand such skepticism and trepidation.
    Yet it brings comfort, guidance, and hope to those who seek and consult.
    So consider taking a closer look before dismissing it as ridiculous –
    For these mere words have changed the course of nations.

  56. “A Heartwarming Experience”

    It’s a hot, humid, day in Texas…
    42 degrees Celsius.
    Long-term exposure, most dangerous.
    Naturally encouraged inertia, certainly guaranteed stasis.
    Scurrying spiny lizards and quenching cactuses
    Align themselves along the searing road cover… impervious.
    Health warning and cautionary notice:
    Heat causes fatigue and temporary psychosis.
    It’s a heartwarming experience.
    And a full-body, core-warming experience, too.
    Keep well hydrated and stay cool.
    For Mother Nature entreats full obedience,
    Else, you’re likely to fall victim, impromptu,
    And be another, ill-prepared, deceased fool.

  57. “A Wimpy Southerner”

    I’m languishing in the heat…
    And it’s not even quite May.
    And many of my friends would say,
    “It’s way too early to bleat.”
    And I would reply, “I’m happy to take a seat,
    And direct the air conditioner my way,
    While they go outside and play.”
    For enduring southern seasons is quite a feat.
    I’m a wimpy southerner,
    And I am not ashamed to say it.
    My heart yearns for a colder climate
    But my wife is just as stubborner.
    So we don’t move one bit!
    And I remain a climate controlled hermit.

  58. “Failing Auto Shop”

    Automotive and small engine repair
    Was never quite my specialty.
    For I never quite had the requisite faculty,
    And was more like to hinder or impair
    An overhaul – nor did I sufficiently study or prepare.
    So amidst my technological frailty,
    I became an industrial, shop-class casualty.
    Hence a professional mechanic, I cannot compare.
    Why I was not gifted the motorized gene…
    I know not?
    Actually, none of my siblings did.
    Though, over time, I thought I might glean
    Something, but alas, this is a talent I haven’t got.
    Probably even less now than since I was a kid.

  59. “Financial Dieting”

    To be free of debt
    In a culture that’s inclined towards credit,
    One must embark upon a financial diet.
    Yet, that same culture hedges its bet,
    You will never achieve this goal you’ve set.
    How does one get free? Simple: use debit.
    And only that which you have in your wallet…
    Be smart and don’t become their marionette.
    Sure this is tough.
    But to put off the inevitable at high interest rates –
    At risk of losing the secured object on loan,
    Means it could all disappear in a momentary puff.
    As your creditor just sits back and waits
    For the optimal time to reclaim what you never did “own.”

  60. “Varying Acceptance Of Accuracy”

    How long is long?
    How small is small?
    How tall is tall?
    How strong is strong?
    How wrong is wrong?
    How sprawl is sprawl?
    How gall is gall?
    Seems the same ole song…
    That we sing a different tune.
    Words may be shaped and bent
    To support our own proposition.
    Politicians and linguists skillfully croon
    And twist what others originally meant…
    To form an entirely new composition.

  61. “Living Freely”


  62. “Caught The Bug”

    Oh wretched teacher of English…
    Why did you display poetry to me?
    For now, in my mind, I am unable to flee
    From the fragmented lyrics that languish
    Incomplete… and I cannot vanquish
    The memory of your devoted plea
    To master sonnets – to which I tenderly replied, “oui…”
    Oh nymph, I am ambivalent and in anguish.
    For I must had been under some bug or flu
    To have succumbed to such torment.
    ‘Cause no one in their right mind ever would
    Agree to be comforted – no, seduced – by you.
    I know you meant well by your enthusiastic foment…
    But sometimes I feel it has caused more harm than good.

  63. “The Ultimate Heartbreak”

    Are you awake?
    Are you listening?
    For coming is a day of reckoning…
    And to live through such an upcoming heartbreak,
    You may attempt to earlier remake
    Your life. Because He’s loved us since the beginning
    And works towards Heaven’s opening.
    Though it was done to Him, He does not forsake.
    Things may seem grim.
    But your salvation has been preserved
    And everything will be restored
    If you simply come to Him.
    Though it was not deserved
    His grace is our reward.

  64. “Saving Lives”

    Today I attempted my routine blood donation,
    But, because of high pressure, was justly rejected –
    Which made me feel unworthy and dejected.
    Dissonance of purpose yields to morale deflation.
    Yet, I am glad they did not succumb to placation,
    But because of an early diagnosis… detected,
    A positive outcome looks greatly projected.
    So in poetic summation:
    I went to save the life of others in need –
    Because I can, and it’s the right thing to do.
    Yet a transformation occurred that I had not known,
    But I must rightly now declare and cede…
    That I was given the perspective of another’s point of view,
    That the very life I saved may well had been my own.

  65. “To Journal or Not to Journal”

    Should I provide a rhythmic documentary
    Of my treatment for hypertension?
    For I had previously expressed condescension
    When others did so… as perfunctory –
    A seemingly, mechanical self-flattery.
    Sharing personal sufferings to strangers wields apprehension…
    Yet, may aide in developing comprehension
    For those who might follow a similar, medical trajectory.
    I must admit, I remain skeptical and unsure…
    For what can I offer that’s not already obtainable?
    I am unlikely to shed additional light
    Beyond any medical blog, pamphlet, or brochure.
    My story is merely anecdotal and non-transferable.
    Before I can answer, I must further appreciate my plight.

  66. “A Working Title”

    A working first line
    Is the most difficult part
    Of a poem to start.
    But, if done right, the inspired vine
    Might yield the beloved, lyrical wine.
    Now whether its taste is sweet or tart…
    Is up to you… to decide what’s art.
    Do you yearn, do you pine…
    For the words to tenderly pour
    From the script decanter?
    Then it is time to mold…
    Your inmost being and let your creativity soar
    To become the enchanter
    Of the beloved stories not yet told…

  67. “Let It Go”

    Can you let things go?
    For an hour or a day…
    Yea or nay?
    If the answer is no,
    That’s quite a blow…
    To making time to play,
    Or to leisurely lay,
    Or for graceful flow…
    What’s the hurry?
    A break will not depreciate
    Your effort thus far,
    So you needn’t worry.
    For when will you have time to luxuriate
    And be who you authentically are?

  68. “Race Against Yourself”

    Exercising for thirty minutes a day is fun,
    And encouraged to promote good health and vitality –
    And more pleasant when based on interest and ability.
    So whether you ride, walk, swim, or run,
    Reward yourself afterwards… and bask in the sun.
    If you take steps to forego a premature fatality,
    And don’t succumb to a sedentary life of futility,
    Doing so means… you’ve already won.
    Keep fit your heart, brain, and other organs to activate
    Something more substantial within…
    For that competitive feeling sparks an emotional boon.
    To compete against others, but more importantly, yourself, you elevate
    Your senses, and nurture your sense of purpose. So trade-in
    Your remote, and I’ll meet you at noon.

  69. “Bicycle.”

    The rock band Queen first introduced me to the bicycle.
    And the freedom it offered made me feel like a prince…
    And I haven’t stopped since.
    Scarcely beyond the age of my tricycle –
    When I was still consuming a Popsicle –
    The stunts I’d attempt made my mother gasp and wince –
    Which of course resulted in the occasional splint.
    Now it’s become central to daily exercises and a work vehicle.
    Few could have thought this two wheeled device
    Would change the world just a century and a half ago.
    But it has. It yields free fun, autonomy, and relaxation.
    So though you may not have asked, here’s some advice:
    For your next commute or excursion, try to forego
    Your car for this mode of green transportation.

  70. “Lo And Behold”

    Look and see what the Lord has made
    Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
    For He came down to deliver a writ
    Of pardoning grace – offering the ultimate trade.
    Having been unjustly accused, tried, and flayed,
    He walked towards Calvary, with resolve and grit…
    And returned at the right hand of the Father to sit.
    Hallelujah… for the ransom was paid.
    So what does that mean for you, for me?
    Behold His wondrous glory
    And allow yourself to turn over a new leaf.
    By being baptized in His name you’ll see
    His love never gets old and hoary
    When you live with Him as Commander in Chief.

  71. “Peaceful Feeling”

    A peaceful feeling
    Becomes an uneasy premonition.
    For unheeded, Fatherly admonition
    Begets life-size keeling…
    And seventh sealing.
    Early recognition
    Signals a silent intermission
    For prayerful healing.
    A peaceful feeling continually exists
    Despite the doom and gloom…
    For in Him all things are safe
    And secure. Each who resists
    This fiery plume
    Becomes His pursued wayward waif.

  72. “Thanks For All The Memories We Never Had”

    Once we were a hopeful match,
    Quickly burning bright…
    In the heat of the night.
    Yet, for all our foolish plans, I couldn’t patch
    A simple fact: I wasn’t your favored catch.
    Then, all of a sudden, you took flight.
    So I guess, all was not, quite right –
    For upon our future, you closed the latch.
    Still, I want to express thanks and gratitude…
    For all the memories we never had –
    Your unrequitedness was a blessing in disguise,
    And I met another who helped changed my attitude.
    Oh how our roles have turned, and you’re now sad…
    For I empathize with your plight, despite what you may surmise.

  73. “Shake Your Head”

    Shake your head.
    Catch the beat.
    Stand outside in the heat…
    To watch the Grateful Dead –
    Long past time for bed.
    Enjoy the rhythm and stomp your feet…
    For you paid an armful for that ticketed seat.
    This genre called Rock n’ Roll will spread
    Throughout the nations.
    And successive generations
    Will change its course even more.
    And modulated frequency and amplitude stations
    Will announce each cohort’s aspirations
    While hardened groupies follow the tour.

  74. “Hello My Dear…”

    Hello my dear,
    You know who you are…
    For I appreciate our witty spar,
    And love that you are here,
    With me, making life purposeful, clear –
    For you ignite the twinkle in my star.
    Oh, yes… together we will travel far…
    Upon life’s road – as I navigate, you steer.
    Look in the rear view mirror,
    And appreciate how far we have gone.
    Hasn’t it been quite a ride?
    For objects in mirror are nearer
    Than they actually appear on life’s autobahn…
    And will continue, so long as you remain my bride.

  75. “There Is A Moment”

    There is a moment
    In life
    When internal discord and strife
    Invariably crescendos, and things laid dormant
    Become the subject of judgment,
    Hatred, ridicule – which cuts likes a knife
    Amongst those you love: parents, wife,
    Children, friends… each becoming a claimant
    In proceedings most surreal, but all too true.
    Stare into the looking glass,
    And tell me who I am.
    Many say I’m among a very few
    Whose contrition signals redemption, but most pass
    Attribution elsewhere. I credit the grace of a Lamb.

  76. “As Your Old Way Dies”

    Go ahead and raise your head.
    But be careful, for the light may hurt your eyes…
    And focus on the shifting skies,
    And listen to what those before have said.
    As you leave your life anew, and shed
    Previous sins as your old way dies,
    Worldly constructs change when grace buys
    Your new family – grounded in His wine and bread.
    At His table, your fundamental purpose moves from self
    To a greater sense of community –
    More magnificent than humanity has ever aspired.
    You reduce wanting to satisfy thyself,
    As He reconstructs and strengthens your fidelity
    In all things heavenly inspired.

  77. “Uniquely Average”

    I am a man of middle age…
    Six foot, zero inches, weight ordinary.
    Food is both my friend and adversary.
    For I find it most difficult to gauge
    Calories when eating should be on assuage,
    And just slightly less than restrictions at full dietary.
    But all this seems unimportant, fleeting, temporary…
    When middle life has turned its page.
    For I am in the same predicament
    Billions have faced before…
    And will continue to do so for futures untold.
    The first half of my life has not be an experiment
    But rather an intense, surrealistic metaphor
    To focus on what verily matters (and has been foretold).

  78. “Where There Is Poetry, There Is…”

    I am sitting at home writing poetry
    Listening to contemporary melodies –
    For each hobby has its own curative remedies.
    When feeling lost, amidst a sea of pedantry,
    I rely on this imaginative ministry…
    To pull me out of my provisional maladies.
    Like various Shakespearian tragedies,
    We weave our unique, ominous tapestry.
    Where there is poetry, there will always be
    Love and pain.
    Kindness and apathy.
    He and she.
    God gave us a brain…
    So never give up on empathy.

  79. “A Simplistic Foody”

    Cucumbers in vinegar and brine
    Makes for a pickle that’s quite savory.
    Going to a stone-ground, artisan bakery
    Is a favorite, past-time of mine.
    Albariño grapes on a thick, rooted vine
    Yields a superior wine of affordable luxury…
    And paired with salmon at a neighborhood eatery,
    Is a beloved foody’s enchanted sign
    Of mouthwatering blissfulness.
    Since we all have to eat,
    And we all have to drink,
    Let’s give praise to His fruitfulness.
    So when squarely upon your next banquet seat
    Give thanks for each morsel and be sure to think.

  80. “Idioms and Metaphors”

    “… And the deep blue sea.”
    “Quiet is peace. Tranquility.”
    “As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.”
    “You hold the key…”
    “Open your eyes and see…”
    “I am smiling next to you, in silent lucidity.”
    “You must not lose faith in humanity…”
    “To be or not to be…”
    “All the world’s a stage…”
    “If you think you can do it, you can.”
    “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.”
    “All diseases run into one, old age.”
    “What a piece of work is a man…”
    “I hate cliché.”

  81. “An Affectionate Promise”

    A yearning stirs within that elicits a luminous glow.
    For two hearts have encountered the other… in passion, rarely seen.
    Though both hearts belong to others, under a covenant lien,
    Fervent lovers keep perfect time, as their heartbeats ebb and flow,
    And the heavens rejoice, with a blustery blow,
    As clouds dissipate to reveal a meadow of hued green.
    Can you picture the scene?
    I think you know.
    In one-eyed amazement for a future untold,
    How can loving with purpose be construed as having sinned?
    When consenting devotees eagerly provide succor
    To live, to share, and together behold
    Released hearts and souls – with convention thrown to the wind –
    As expressions of love provide both awe and wonder.

  82. “Debilitating Conditions”

    Sipping warm coffee this holiday morning – as if in a dream – I pause…
    And give thanks to the Lord for not having a debilitating condition or disease.
    But, like lightning, am struck by the fact we all do… though, each affliction varies.
    Its manifestations may be physical, emotional, behavioral, yet its claws
    Grasp our very being, radiating pain and misery onto family and friends, and gnaws
    At our mind’s eye and soul – weakening all aspects of our fragile bodies.
    To alleviate anguish and suffering, we entreat doctors, specialists, genies.
    And why not, it’s such a just cause?
    We want the suffering to stop. But life… doesn’t quite work out that way –
    For it’s the journey through our personal struggles how each appreciates joy.
    As evident by the happy and sad faces of a clown,
    Without uttering a word, they have so much to say.
    Love’s unlikely envoy encourages us to simply be still, at peace, and enjoy.
    For His love will be with you the next time your pain brings you down.

  83. “Loving the Unlovable”

    A boy recently posed a question beyond his pre-school years:
    “Mommy, does God love Satan?”
    Guaranteed to turn any young parent’s face pale and ashen,
    She ponders a response with utmost precision – like measured gears
    In an ageless timepiece – for to get this answer wrong, she fears
    The very eternal hours she ruminated as a child herself upon John’s vision.
    As seconds click away, she thinks to herself, “He loves the fallen…”
    Click. “… He willingly went to the cross for us and shed blood, body, and tears…”
    Click. “… He loves me, and I have transgressed…”
    Click. “… He searches for His lost sheep…”
    Click. “… He loves every being He created…”
    Click. “… Yet, He won’t force His love and allows others to reject His Word professed…”
    Click. “… Does He treat angels differently? Has Satan fallen way too deep?”
    Whatever she replies, the answer has been hot-ly debated.

  84. “A Merciful Friend”

    A merciful Friend
    Holds accountable, yet forgives.
    And without ulterior motives,
    Will waive attempts to defend
    Righteous cases where transgressors offend.
    Heralded compassion – expressed through speech and beseeched missives –
    Bearing branches of olives,
    Becomes the vessel of Love through which grace will extend.
    Such a Friend is precious.
    And through empathic strength and aegis
    Is highly coveted…
    And exceptionally loving.

  85. “Love is Patience”

    I’ll wait an hour,
    A day,
    A month, or a year… with little say
    Or power…
    So beloved ones might blossom and flower –
    All the while, with Your sword, keep my own demons at bay.
    Before You, oh Lord, I lay
    All my burdens and prayers, and ask You to shower
    Each of them with Your love and affection.
    Guide them, protect them,
    Encourage them to know Your strength and patience –
    For in You is love’s ultimate expression.
    So when they get discouraged, and they will, and things seem grim,
    Fill them with Your limitless love – for your mercy goes the distance.

  86. “Fairy Tales”

    As a child, I read fairy tales.
    Of how damsels in distress
    Envision heroes that impress.
    Yet, somewhere, they left out essential details
    Of what… to sacrifice for another… actually entails.
    To love another is messy. Its bareness
    Merely gives iconic couples time to convalesce.
    For when true love prevails,
    Happily-ever-afters don’t always occur
    Quite the way the stories foretold…
    Especially when characters’ lives – like our own – seem so chaotic.
    As hues of damsels’ hair range from sepia to ocher,
    Question why so much of their stories were left untold.
    For it’s living beyond the happily-ever-afters that become so prophetic.

  87. “Virgo Rising”

    Virgo rises in the eastern sky
    Sprinkling illuminating love upon her firmament below.
    Perched safely above a mountainous meadow,
    A snowy tigress casts a restrained, yet, inquisitive eye
    At an accidental tourist finding his way on high.
    The tourist, though clumsy in his ways, envisions a halo…
    Upon noticing her majestic presence in this panoramic tableau –
    For the full moon betrayed her stealthy sly.
    He bows submissively, once regal markings appear in opulent view –
    In such wild lands as this, earlier visitors have proved less kind.
    As heavenly slumber overtakes them both, as if by design,
    Our traveler dreams of a subtle, pink rose, covered in dew,
    And the often unexpected nature of love being so blind,
    Only to be awakened by a most beloved sunshine.

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